g reg sportrak . 1.6 16v petrol

i recently posted this query a few days ago , now i have some more
The jeep starts on the button. then about 10 mins of running time the 2 lights come on together.
before the lights come on , the charging guage is reading about
14 volts. when the lights come on it goes down to about 11 volts.
then as strangly as they come on , they go off .
sometimes they stay on for ages , other times just a few minutes.
any ideas .

Well it sounds like an earth fault !!

2003 Sirion SL 1300. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

If the Voltage drops to 11 volts from 14 and the Handbrake light comes on at exactly the same time.

I beleive it can only be one of two Items.

An Earth Fault somewhere - bloody good luck finding it Blush

Or two wires have rubbed and are rubbing together and there is an electrical contact between them just now and again and hence the drop on voltage and the Brake Light Coming on.

You are gonna have to check all the wiring.
I don't have a wiring diagram for the Fourtrack - sorry.

At least it might give you an idea where to start looking.

Good Luck. Bob F. Smile

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

more info

i have checked loads of wires and connections, found nothing obvious.
i have now taken off the alternator, and removed the brushes.
found 2 brush contacts in a little plastic connection.
one is shiny. one is black.
they are both worn right down past a round marker dot.
can i get replacements , where from.
hope somebody can help.

it didnt look that deep !!!!

Wireing dia.

Use 'write to author', message me and include your email. I will within the next few days send you a wiring diagram. However there are numerous pages and I am not prpared to spend hours sorting the correct page. The w/s manual on CD disc I use is up to April 2001 - Feroza300 - Sportrack.

If you want a copy of the complete manual on CD then I am willing to negotiate!

PS .. worn brushes will simply stop any generation of amps. I think you have a cable leakage problem.