hello all you daihatsu lovers, i have a 1986 daihatsu rocky 2.8 non turbo diesel long wheel base with leaf springs and i found a place that makes them and give them more radius curvature and also makes them either softer or harder so i can lift my rocky. now my question is:
-is this a good idea as far as just making new leaf sprins all around a little softer so i can get a much soft ride.


These type of springs are ok as long as you are prepared to accept worse roadholding and more body roll. Softer springs will give better off road performance and traction as the system will be more flexible. Braking distances will be increased, and the vehicle will pitch and bounce more.

One thing not to overlook is the shock absorbers, if the shockers are stronger than the springs, they will end up worn in no time and adversly alter the handling. Additionally, the stroke of the shockers needs looking at if you are having more spring movement, you may need longer stroke shocks.