Has anybody tried Ironman suspension lift kit for Sportrack ( Feroza) ?


I would like to hear from someone who has already modified (lifted) his vehicle. Any suggestions advices or comments welcome. How and to what extend the modification changed/or improved driving on and off road?Whould an additional body lift be advicable?

suspension Lift

I have an F50 that I want to lift the suspension on by about 4" if you have any luck in locating suitable parts to lift shackles please let me know .



: suspension Lift

There are many manufacturers and suppliers in Aus.I suggest that you may try in www.4x4 ironman suspensions from Australia.com or www.dobinsonsprings.com . Ironman company has many official distributors in Europe ( one in UK ). As for the shackles you may as well have a look in other brands such as Jeep ( old Renegates or Wrangler models). Good Luck Rob!