Trailing Arm Bushes on F78


I need to replace the trailing arm bushes at the rear of the trailing arms, i.e. the ones that sit almost underneath the coil springs, just slightly to the rear of the springs.

I'm slightly confused because according to milner offroad I need FOUR of these bushes per vehicle, i.e.:
but I can only see ONE bush that fits 'UNDER THE COIL SPRING' on each side (i.e. one per trailing arm, so TWO per vehicle).

Does anyone follow what I'm saying?!! Can anyone explain to me how many bushes I need?



Seeing double


not entirely sure if this will be the case as I don't have a lot of experiance with the coil sprung model but on the leaf sprung model almost all the Milner replacement bushes come in two top hat shaped halves which push in from either side to create a bush for each pivot point. Can't say if this is the case in your instance but may be worth checking



Thanks Dave. So do you mean

Thanks Dave. So do you mean they count each half as a separate item, so I need to buy two for each pivot point? If so sounds strange but it would explain why I need 4 per vehicle.


Dave is right, they come as two halves, although single ones are available, these singles are a pig to fit, this is why they are two halves.