Sportrak info please


Hi all,
Just signed up as i'm a new owner. Bought an M reg ELXI yesterday and so far having fun.

I just need to clear up a few points with help from you more experienced owners please.

Engine sounds fine idling and pulling away but in top gear she's noisy and struggle to get past 65mph, now i know she isn't built for speed but is this normal.

Also there is metally, singing sort of noise from below the passenger footwell.

Any thoughts or advice greatfully received

Not normal.

My J reg elxi will top 90mph. Sings along at 70mph.

Nothing under the footwell except for exhaust brackets, catylist, and a nearby suspension holding the chasis to the body - to the front/centre of the rear wheels. Saw one recently in a scrap yard .... whole rear had failed and chasis has collapsed. Dont panic yet ... get it suported securely and take a look around.


Need comment

Hey I need your comments on this.

I get a big gapping noise exactly under the co-driver's feet and I cant understand what might be. It is located near the silent-block that sits between the chassis and the body. I have checked all bolts under the body and the chassis (like differential base etc) and they are tight.

The other day I hammered the silent-block and I think (but I'm not sure) that the noise is comming from there. Could it be that the silent-block is broken or something like that?