Sportrak with a Drink Problem


I have a 1990 Sportrak EL (petrol). I noticed I wasn't getting very far on the petrol I was putting in, in fact its doing 20 miles per gallon

  • What are sportraks supposed to do?
  • How can I get more MPG?

Please Help!

Sportrak MPG

My Sportrak does about 30-32mpg on average and I think it's pretty much the same for most Sportrak owners on here.

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Sportrak MPG

I have a 1989 Sportrak EL (carb version) and only get low 20's, it may be that the EFI version is more fuel efficient. It could also have something to do with the age of the carb versions.

Is there anyway to improve this?

I have noticed that after driving for a short distance, ie a few miles, the front braking plates get super hot
could they be sticking? Will this effect the MPG?

Any ideas much apprieciated!

P.S Since I bought the sportrak I have noticed other sportrak drivers like to make themselves known, usually by waving madly. At first I decided that there was something wrong with the car, but the headlights were fine, hadn't left the bonnet open etc. So what is it?
Does this happen alot? Is there just a consensus between sportrak drivers I dont know about?
Incidently, if whoever it was in the red sportrak following me down Victoria Road in stoke using your horn like theres no tommorrow is on here, It would be enlightning to know why!

Sportrak drivers

It seems to be a thing that owners of similar vehicles (if there arent many about) do - i know land rover owners and to an extent suzuki owners (especially older model ones, eg SJ's) do. I usually give a wave or a flash of my lights to other sportrak drivers - there are quite a few who wave back and some just look as if to say 'do i know you'!! I just assume they dont really realise what car they're driving!!

It wasn't me in Stoke, tho, havent been up that way for a long time!! i tend to just wave, not blow my horn!!


PS - look in the polls section of this website, there was a poll about it a while ago!!

Sporty MPG


I wish i could average that Lurch!! I average about 27/28-ish, depending on traffic. Motorway cruising, if at a steady 70, gets about 30mpg, altho i flew back to london from brighton on sunday night (didnt worry bout fuel consumption, was claiming it all back!!), and ended up getting 32.5mpg!! I've had as low as 23/24 tho if hammering it.

PS - mines a '95 Sportrak, with the later EFI engine.


Sportrak 1600ELi and it returns average 26mpg [72000miles on the clock]. Also have a discovery tdi 60000 [miles on the clock] returns average of 35 mpg and about 40 mpg on a long run! Must say I prefer the discovery to the Sportrak but its less sporty!

sportrak drink problem

my 89 el travels from one forest to the next across scotland is often up to its axles in mud ihave fitted kn filter jan speed exhaust wheelspacers uname its got it but the thing that gives me palpatations and nightmares is when i need petrol lucky if iget 20 my fourtrak is not much better but i luv im anyway

Sportrak drinker,

How long since your air filter was changed. Makes a hell of a difference on my girlfriens sporty and my fourtrak.
Her sporty does about 32mpg long haul 2wd to 21mpg Heavy duty LR 4WD with REVS!

Air Filter

The air filter was changed last service, about two weeks ago. Smile

Mines doing 20 MPG in 2WD general running! (yes ive checked)
All Ive noticed is it spits out a loada crap from the exhaust every morning and is a bit of a grumpy starter }:)

Im afraid it will have to go if it doesnt improve Cray 2 so any ideas very welcome!

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