sirion 2005 reverse noise problem << please help


hello to all,
i have a sirion 2005 1.3L AUTOMATIC.
when i put to reverse it makes a beeping noise. the beeping noise is very high and i want to turn it off or modify it...
please help me.


Sirion Auto Reverse Gear Warning

We've just bought an 05 Siorion Auto. The salesman told us he could 'probably' silence the beep when in reverse, but on delivery it was still active.

Two Sirion main dealers have since told us it cannot be switched off. Would love some advice from other Sirion Auto owners as it has to be the most annoying feature of the car.

To be clear - its not the parking sensors - its the same buzzer you get for lights left on and door open. On the auto it sounds continuously when you are in reverse.

OK its a case of Buyer Beware, but its a great car in every other respect.

Anybody solved this?