Replacing Inner Track/Tracking/Tie Rod?


My F78 fourtrak has failed it's MOT due to excessive play in the inner track rod ball joint. The tester, whom I trust, advised me that I need to replace the ball joint, as the rubber seal (the wear to which is I assume the reason for the play?) cannot itself be replaced.

Apparently it is necessary to replace the entire tracking rod linkage (inner and outer rods + center) due to there being different types of outer rod being fitted to the F78. This seems a huge hassle/expense just because 1 ball joint has gone!

Obviously the safety of the vehicle depends on this part so i don't want to cut any corners, but does anyone have any suggestions on anything I can do beside replacing the entire track rod assembly?



ball joint

just a thought is there play in the passenger side front wheel? if so it could be the steering idler arm thats faulty,i changed mine last weekend-not too hard ajob if you have a ball joint splitter.ithink its quite a common fault on the f78 from what ive read on this site,there is some very good posts if you do a search on "pitman arm".,..bill

Hi bill, many thanks for

Hi bill, many thanks for this tip it turns out it is the idler arm bushes. Any chance you could tell me the easiest procedure for replacing the arm/bushes on the F78? Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction! Cheers, Lube.