Capactities and specifications F50


Hi forum,

I'm the Proud owner of Wildcat F50 1979 since 8 days.
Unfortunately there is no owner manual with the car, so I don't know the capacities and specifications of all the oils, - engine, axles, transfer case, transmission , brake fluid. My search in the www was without success.

Who can help?

Is there someone selling a repair manual for the F50 and the DG-engine as well as an owner manual Unknw

I' m happy that this forum exists and that I'm here Smile


Hi Mark, Finding manuals for

Hi Mark,
Finding manuals for this car is difficult, I think I now have a full set. I bought mine from ebay but the owners manual and service book I got in the UK, the workshop manual from Australia and the engine manual (which is seperate from the main workshop manual) from America. For the engine manual you should also be able to use the manual from a Daihatsu Delta truck as they are basically the same (this is the engine manual I have).
The oil capacities are,
Engine - 5.5 litres
Gearbox - 2.0 litres
Transfer box - 1.4 litres
Differential - 1.5 litres

The owners manual gives a variety of different oil specifications based on the temperature of your location. I will give you the main ones,
Engine - API CC with viscosity 10W-30 (temp -23 to 32) or 20W-40 (temp -12 and up)
Gearbox and transfer - API GL3 SAE 90
Differential - API GL4 SAE 90

If you would like I could scan the most important pages containing specifications and email them to you (I probably wont be able to do this until Monday). If this would be of help send me a pm with your email address.

You may also want to have a look at most of the members there are Belgian or Dutch but there are also some German members so you may find something/someone local to you.

You may already know this but Wildcats where called Tafts in a lot of Europe, Scats in Australia and they were also sold as Toyota Blizzards in some parts of the world. This may allow you to widen your search range.

I hope this helps.

Hi Steve, thanks a lot for

Hi Steve,

thanks a lot for your informations. They helped to do the first steps, changing all the old fluids. The car was on the road last time in 1991, the engine run last time in 2004.

When I pickes it up, it has a very rough idle because there was some air in the fuel system, but after bleeding the system at home the engine runs really great.

But there is a lot to do. The rear leafes are brocken, and of course corrosion.

Since I own the F 50 I tried to buy manuals from ebay, without success. I searched the www up and down, but didn't find one. I keep going on. It mustn't be an original, copies are fine too.

Thank you for offering the scan, I will send you my address.

I've found a lot of wildcat, taft, scat and blizzard pages, but it is hard to get good informations. I had my first contact to this 4x4 in 1980, but made the decision to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser BJ 42, I still own this Land Cruiser.

Best regards

Mark, Glad to be of help, it

Glad to be of help, it is good to see people still using the old ones. Mine is also being rebuilt, it was last on the road in 1993. I was looking for new front springs for mine last year as they are in poor condition. The options I found for replacement springs are in the following thread . Also someone who posts on here (ajcaine) has used parabolic springs from a series landrover to replace the rear springs on his F50 based buggy. I beleive there are some modifications required to fit these as the spring is slightly longer and wider.

Yes Steve, you are not

Yes Steve, you are not alone.

I love these old cars, all the old japanese 4x4, like the FJ and BJ 4* and 55, the Wildcats F10 to F60, the old Land Rovers and the Unimog 4*.

But the patience of my wife is 'limited'. Wink

F50 springs

Replaced mine as said above with SWB series Landrover springs. I wanted something that was off the shelf and replaceable. I'd already had the original Daihatsu ones re-tempered but I still snapped two leaves on the rear before long. I am going to do the same on the front as well, the spare Daihatsu spring I fitted is much softer than the bent one I had to take off so the car sags to one side. If you are handy with the welder it isn't too hard to do.

Its great to see these old ones being looked after still.

I have a set of Daihatsu microfiche cards for the F20, 25, 50, 55 so if you need part numbers for anything just ask.

Regards - Alastair.