Blueprint Part Numbers(?) and how to find them...


Does anyone know/have a list of blueprint part numbers for the fourtrak? I was thinking it would make sense for users of this forum to perhaps put together a complete list? Usually only parts suppliers can access these part numbers through the blueprint website.

I searched online but couldn't find any blueprint parts list for the fourtrak, but I did find this: If you google the following:


then click the 'translate this page' link next to the search results you basically get browsing access to the Belarussian website. If you were able to find the translated Russian term for the part you're looking for you should pretty much be able to search for a specific part number.

Also you can refine the search, for instance for my F78 I would google
'ROCKY 1993>'
which lists all the parts with 'ROCKY 1993>' in the listing, i.e. only F78 parts

Also, where it says "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 40 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included." click to include the entries to get the full list.

Even better try clicking this link:

it's a google translation of the google search itself, and should bring up the search results in english.

Anyway I guess it's a bit far fetched but just thought others might find this tip useful when trying to source blueprint parts, which are generally a cheaper alternative to main dealer parts. If I have time I may go through the search results and put together a list.

ADl Blueprint

Good find Lube.
Most parts have a image button so you get an idea of what it is and if not a quick copy paste to Google translate, easy.
I started using Google web page translate a while back when looking at Jap sites Scratch one-s head

You might find these of use -

Cheers, Dave.

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Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
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Finding Blue Print Part Numbers

Dear Daihatsu owners,

I stumbled across this thread while doing some website research, and it seems that you are having trouble tracking down the Blue Print part numbers you need for your Fourtraks. Firstly let me introduce myself my name is Nathan and I work for ADL Blue Print in the UK.

As we only sell through a network of approved factors, our parts information is not freely available to everyone. However if you visit our corporate website and enter your postcode into the 'Where to Buy Blue Print' section on the homepage, it will give you a list of your closest distributors. Our distributors have full access to our online catalogue and can find any parts you need from your registration and VIN number.

All you need to do is ask for Blue Print. If your preferred supplier isn't on the 'Where to Buy' list, please email me through the 'contact us' section of the website using the 'General Enquiries' subject heading, and I will endeavour to give you the information you need.

Before registering to this forum and adding this post I did check to see if I would be breaking any forum rules, and didn't find anything to the contrary, hopefully this is the case.

I hope this helps and thank you for choosing and supporting Blue Print.

Kind regards.