HI this is all new 2 me, so i apologize now for,the bad grammar,and
for being computer illiterate, also.. maybe for repeating my problem, [sorry],but i had the brill idea to buy a hijet van so i did' a 1.3efi s85 engine petrol,50000 on the clock,no rust, and the price was right, down in number 1 cyl maybe, but what the hell, ive been in the trade 20 years+,so like all good mechanics do your home work first, and get a manual >Sad what f...ing manual they do not exist, ask a friend, common answers are, 'um'ive only done a timing belt, or a fule pump, o ive done an oil change.
THE local dealer ship, no bother, print off what ever you want 2 know,BUT not the whole engine. >Sad >Sad ive never been asked for that before he says, can you order me one i asked,NO was reply,why not,i asked, because sir the franchise wants the work. What at 60 quid an hour, >Sad >Sad >Sad F..k off was my reply, and so i was asked to leave the premises.
IVE never had this hassil in all the years ive been in the trade,with regards to infomation, but then ive not delt with Daihatsu. IM not runing down the Daihatsu products, but info on them is like looking for hens teeth, they seem to think short term. Sad Can you get manual for this engine, thanks for any reply.

You could look on ebay for

You could look on ebay for one. If you are reasonably experienced I would take the thing apart and see whats what Smile


Welcome to the world of frustrating Daihatsu! Smile You get used to the lack of info, its out there somewhere Scratch one-s head Try a diffeent dealership, look them up on the UK website, it took me several attempts at different outlets to get a Charade CB80 engine manual and that was 15 years ago.
Have seen some originals and CD copies on ebay too.
Also ask Freckles who's advert is in the parts for sale section, think he might have one.
Good luck.

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A friend in need is a friend in deed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance!!

Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance Wink

service manuals for Hijet

to the guy looking for a manual for his Hijet i have all the service manuals on disk but i have my own problem, all the owners manuals are missing from my Hijet mini truck and i have a light on in my dash and don't have f..king clue what it means??? you help me &i help you!! it"s the light in the middle of the top row, it looks like muffler with heat rays cumming off it!! any idea?? buy the I'm in Toledo Ohio,USA
hope to hear from you soon...........Stu C


Hi, saw your post and we are desperate for a manual (not the owners manual) to re-build our engine. Will gladly pay for photo/print copy or even on disc. Anyone who can help please email me on:

[email protected]

Many Thanks