My Sportrak



Sportrak 1990 El




Nice looking car, havent seen many (if any!) in that colour, i like it!

What size tyres have you got, they look bigger than mine?



Hiya Nat,

Yeah, they are 235's (/75R15) Range Runner, All Terrain.

What are yours?


Re: Tyres

Mine are just standard 195 R15's, all-terrain (worn Goodyear wranglers at the back, new Marshalls at the front). I considered going for something bigger but decided against it in the end. Do you have trouble with them rubbing on full lock??



Actually, I didn't realise they were so big. I bought the Sportrak with them on. I think that the suspension might have been lifted at some point in its life, so I don't have too many problems with rubbing, except when using full lock and going down something, like off a pavement, small animal or other assorted item. lol.

Why did you decide against having bigga ones? I think mine are better for it, although I have nothing to compair it with.

Anyhows, good idea bout the Daihatsu Driver Car stickers By the way!


Sporty tyres

I enquired about bigger tyres, but the fitters i asked said i could do it but it would mean things like the speedo was slightly out, fuel consuption could be worse, more stress on components.... so i thought well there isnt much point. Altho i like off-roading, i dont do it much so im not too fused about ground clearance, just needed new tyres without hastle and for little money.... so stuck to standard size!!