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Hi, My Sept 2003 Hijet 1300 van was supplied from the factory fitted with Prinz LPG. The log book states LPG. Am I on the correct road tax rate at £180 per year? If not, what can I do about it? Thanks for your comments. John.


Hello mate. You are not correct. I have the exact same van and have just Taxed mine at £120 for a full 12 months.

It should be bloody cheaper with the Prinz LPG but sadly not so £120 is all we get.

Regards. Brendan.


My van is expensive as its listed as commercial. How do you change it? Its not LPG only petrol.

The tax on my LPG Hijet is

The tax on my LPG Hijet is also £180 and is down as a commercial vehicle. I think it can be changed from a commercial vehicle but I think you might need to have the CO2 figures which are close on impossible to find.

I was hoping to get mine reclassified last time the tax was due but I left it to the last minute and I didn't have time to go to the local DVLA office to try to get it changed. Although maybe that was for changing its DVLA description as a 4X4 vehicle. I was thinking my insurance was dearer because of this, it cost more than a LWB high roof transit.




Mines reg'd as an LGV too, so £180. I'm reg'd in N. Ireland so not part of the DVLA, ours is DVLNI, but they gave me the same excuse too: It can't be changed. So, I gave up. Mine's 2001, so would my reg no. be any use to you?

DVLNI said tax class is decided by the manufacturer, not them. The manufacturer determines the tax bracket and this may have something to do with the power and gearing in the van.

For example, there is a lot of low-end torque for pulling or carrying heavier loads, there are leaf springs on the rear wheels which are generally for bearing heavier weights. Notice how we run at high revs when we reach 70mph? I think the gears are designed for hauling and not necessarily for speed. To me, this would incur more emissions, fuel usage, and general environmental impact.

This is just my opinion. Despite it's small size, the Hi-Jet doesn't drive like a small car. Sometimes I feel like it's much bigger than it is because there's a lot of low-end power there. A small car is a lot lighter and quicker and therefore attracts less tax.

I don't believe we're gonna get anywhere by challenging the tax band, but I'm willing to put in my support.

What do you all think? Am I talking rubbish?


Hi onilleymcknown. I don't

Hi onilleymcknown.

I don't know about your theory! But mine is that its an Italian made little van by a manufacturer of Scooters, who got the deisgn or manufacturing rights from Daihatsu who modified the design of their Kei van, a 660 cc one to a 1000 because that was the japanese speciality and suitable, just in euroland for the little van with acceptable mpg. It was updated to the 1300 as it needed something newer, more powerful just to survive.

This has then been distributed by Daihatsu but I think along the lines of a grey import rather than a UK vehicle. I think, according to someone at daihatsu that the gas ones were registered before they were taken to be converted!

I think the tax category could be changed but it will take alot of time and effort even to get people to listen never mind understand the finer points of this!

The motorhome owners managed to challenge it:

"UPDATE 7/1/09

VW Commercial Vehicles have embarked on a program of contacting owners of the California to assist them in getting their vehicles re-classified.

Here's what one owner told us:

I today, (7th January 09), received a letter from VW asking me to return my V5C document to them (reply paid envelope enclosed). It would appear that VW Commercial Vehicles have been in discussions with the DVLA and it is now clearly established that this particular vehicle should be registered in the tax class "11 PLG" instead of tax class "49 Diesel Car". VW Commercial Vehicles will forward the V5C to the the DVLA who will update their records and issue an amended registration document, tax disc and appropriate refund directly to myself. You may phone VW customer care line on 0800 783 4909 if you have any questions. Many thanks to those brave few who got this ball rolling and have now made life easier (financially too)for those following behind. What a result and a great New Year present.

How to do it
The case of the VW California is quite clear-cut, and as stated above it seems that VW are on the case. Other cases may require you to provide proof that the date of first registration was after the date of conversion of the base vehicle into a motor caravan.

What you need to do is pay a visit to your local DVLA office (see here for a list of local offices) and explain that your motor caravan has been mis-classified in the Graduated VED category and you want it changed to PLG. They should be aware of mis-classification of Californias, but if not you should ask them to refer to their Policy Unit. For other makes they may ask for proof of the date of conversion.
We hear that some DVLA local offices are not aware of the taxation class that should be applied to motor caravans, and that some are asking for a 'letter from the manufacturer or dealer' to support the application for change of class for the VW California - this is not necessary. The DVLA Policy Unit have told us (3/9/08) that they will shortly be issuing specific information, on the classification of motor caravans, to local offices.

This is an extract from what the Policy Unit have told us:

"To clarify what we agreed on in the past, motorcaravans that have not been type approved will fall to be licensed in PLG or Private HGV depending on their weight.

The area that was causing the confusion was whether M1 Special Purpose motorcaravans could license in the Grad VED taxation class. From the information I've been provided, DVLA would not currently expect to see such motorcaravans in the Grad VED class. Certainly, if an application to register such a vehicle was presented at a DVLA Local Office, I would expect it to be rejected and the vehicle licensed in the appropriate tax class.

Although vehicles such as the Volkswagen California are being type-approved in the M1 Special Purpose category, at the moment, this should not be sufficient for the vehicle to enter the Grad VED tax class. Therefore, as you suggest, I can confirm that all vehicles with the body type 'motor caravan', whether type approved or not, should be placed within either the PLG or the PHGV taxation class."

By all means take a copy of this article with you to show your local office."

There saying it cant be changed because it is classed as N1 but there is this note:

" Note 2
In cases where incorrect details were provided at first registration, for example when a N1 goods vehicle was converted to a motor caravan before registration and the converter copied the details from the N1 Certificate of Conformity for the purposes of registration, the DVLA is able to change tax classes if sufficient evidence is provided to warrant the change. Each case will be judged on its merits."

We could do with someone behind us, like Daihatsu, or Piaggio, but little chance of this. Unless Piaggio could be enticed to take the gaunlet because of increased sales! (I dont think there sales would motivate them)

Your reg isn't any use because I want them where there a 1300 and cost less than £180 for the year.



I'd be interested in any

I'd be interested in any details I can get from anyone that doesnt have to pay £180 for 12 months on the 1.3's

And even of the 1.0 litres whether there classed as N1 on the log book, if not maybe room to challenge.



"along the lines of a grey

"along the lines of a grey import rather than a UK vehicle."
import info as follows..

Grey import= never officially sold in the UK as a UK spec car/bike/van etc, imported from Japan, often have KPH speedos

Parallel import= ANY car/bike etc that was officially sold in the UK but was imported in from the EU as it was cheaper than buying from home. often headlight aim other way.

USA import= any car/bike imported in from the USA even if it was sold in the UK officially, often have indicators always on and headlight aim other way.

UK spec= any bike/car officially sold for the UK market, headlights, speedo, running lights all catered to UK spec.

The hijet is a Official UK spec van as far as i know?

i have no "tax class" numbers on my V5. all it says is Private light goods (MPV). but i pay £120 (£125 after today) as its under 1ltr and older than 2001 (1997)

would the facebook group be any help? this is a world wide group..

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Hijet road tax


Thanks for your encouraging comments. Is your van described as 'Light Goods Vehicle' in the V5 doc.? or some other?
My emission figures in the V5 are CO 0.964, HC 0.104, NOx 0.017, and HC + NOx 0.121. Are yours different from this, and do you know if these figs are for petrol or gas?

Thanks again for your valued comments.



I will check my log book mate but my tax renewal form said £120 for 12 months so im now confused as to why some of you are paying £180????

My van is a 1999 V reg and classified as P.L.G on the tax disc and V5 log book ( Private Light Goods).

Regards. Brendan.

as per DVLA tax info

as per DVLA tax info page

Cars registered before 1 March 2001 (based on engine size)
Private/light goods (TC11)
Engine size (cc)----Not over 1549-----£120.00 **This will go up for 2009 new tax by £5**

Registered on or after 1 March 2001 (not over 3,500kg revenue weight).
Light goods vehicle-----£180.00

Euro 4 light goods vehicles (TC36)
Registered between 1 March 2003 and 31 December 2006 only (not over 3,500kg revenue weight).
Euro 4 light goods vehicles-----£120.00

Registered between 1 January 2009 and 31 December 2010 only (not over 3,500kg revenue weight).
Euro 5 light goods vehicles-----£120.00

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Hijet road tax

Reply from DVLA:
Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that vehicle registration number XXX XX was first registered in in the Light goods class, no CO2 emission figure was available for the vehicle as it was classified by the Manufacturer as an N1 - Non Passenger carrying vehicle, used only for the carriage of goods and having a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

Manufacturers at type approval, will decide which category the vehicle falls under.

Once a vehicle is type approved as an N1 vehicle , it remains an N1 vehicle for its lifetime, regardless of any changes made to it. It is not possible to change the taxation class of a vehicle first registered in the Light Goods (N1) taxation class.

I trust this information clarifies the situation.


Judith George

Help me change my Tax bracket!

Can anyone with a late 2003 Hijet paying £120 give me their registration number to use to challenge the DVLA over the tax bracket of my vehicle!

Mines a october 2003 Hijet with LPG but im being charged £180 for the year!

And the dvla seem to what me to prove different!

As its in a vehicle category N1 apparently it cant be changed



Hi all. My van is classed

Hi all.

My van is classed as a light goods vehicle hence costs £180 ish to tax. The last time I taxed it I was hoping to get it changed to a private light goods vehicle then it costs £120 so I believe! I didn't get to the office early enough and I didn't want to get done for no tax as I wanted to use the van.



what you need to look at is

what you need to look at is WHEN your vans were 1st registered and what cc the engines are..

THATS what denoted what you pay.. the list i posted comes form DVLA site..
when i was looking for a van, i was looking for one that was OLDER than 2000, and under 1,300cc.. that way i knew id NOT pay more than £120 a year

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I've phoned the DVLA twice

I've phoned the DVLA twice today and been down to the office but I cant change my tax from £180 a year!


But I'm hoping to get the details of peoples vans so I can check with the DVLA as they just keep leaving me at brick walls.

So if anyone has a Hijet registered after march 2003 and ideally on LPG can I have your registration number to give to DVLA?