I am hoping someone here might be able to help.

A while ago I fitted my old JVC KDG502 CD player into my girlfriends S Reg Daihatsu Cuore. It all worked fine but then I removed it to put back into my car as I had to go on a long drive and wanted to have a radio.

When I came back I fitted the cd player back in my girlfriends car but now it wont turn on. When it is first plugged in the screen and every button except the power button lights up and it makes a whirring sound. Then it goes dead. It all lights up and displays the time when you press the display button but thats all.

I took it out to try it again in my car and it works fine in mine! I have also bought a new Daihatsu stereo adapter in case that had broken but exactly the same thing happens.

Has anyone got any ideas what to try next?


maybe low power on your

maybe low power on your girlfriends car, check the iso connector also
and have you got power on the iso connector (red and yellow wire)12volt and ground, otherwise it will not work