sportrak transfer box


Hi all new to forum and have just bought a 1994 sportrak the problem is when i select 4 wd the light on the dash comes on but i only have 2 wheels driving. So can you tell me the obvious things to look/check for or is the transfer box shot. Thanks for any replies.


Transfer box

Have you checked if you have manual lock-type hubs, and if they're rotated into engagement? Obviously, you won't get 4WD without the front hubs locked in, but if they're ok, I'd say you've got transfer box selector problem. Hope not, though!


Thanks baz, excuse me from

Thanks baz, excuse me from sounding a bit thick but you have to have the hubs locked to get 4wd(had a vitara before this and that was just select 4wd and away you go) so if thats the case does it do any harm in leaving them in the locked position permanently.



Hiya, Geezer!

I'm not an authority on the 4WD systems, but I'm told it can obviously wear the tyres & drivetrain faster by being permanently locked in, though that way, you won't have to climb out into the squelchy stuff to engage drive once you're in the clag! Biggrin

Not too sure, is the answer from me. I had a Suzuki Samurai before the Sportrak, and that had permanent drive, whined like hell, scrubbed its tyres and used too much petrol due to the drag & friction from the un-engaged shaft/front diff (when in 2WD as normal), so the choice is yours, depending on how much off-road use you put your Sporty through. If it's only occasional, my advice would be to leave it unlocked, then jump out & twist them on when you know you're going bumpy-squelch...but make sure you carry something hefty enough to use as a kind of spanner to twist them with, unless yours are free & easy to turn by finger pressure.

Good luck, mate!


Thanks again for the reply

Thanks again for the reply baz, looks like i aint got much choice, the mrs will have to get her wellie's on and learn how to lock them diff's.

Transferring responsibility...

That's what wives are for, isn't it? Then, once drive's engaged, give it some welly & spray 'em with squelchy stuff!!! WinkBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin