Fourtrak power steering


Hi. I've got an r reg fourtrak which has failed its mot only on power steering. There is a grinding on full lock and sometimes judders when cornering. The garage tells me I need a new box and possibly a pump...quoting in excess of £600.
I can get a box and possibly a pump off an old p reg and am thinking of tackling the job myself.
I've got the manual but would be really grateful if anyone can give advise on tackling the job. I'm mechanically fairly handy but have never tackled the steering.
Refilling the fluid concerns me as does tensioning the belt.
I hope to hear from someone more experienced than me in this matter.
Cheers Stuart

Filling with fluid is easy,

Filling with fluid is easy, just top it till its full/at the level. The belt tension is a little trickyer, you need to have a "feel" for it, too loose and you'll get squealing when on full lock/belt slip, to tight and you risk the belt breaking and damaging the bearing.

Pumped Up

Forget the steering system, it is the steering pumps which wear, this is usually a failure to change the fluid avery two years, this allows debris to enter the pump and it wears out over time.

Jack the front of the vehicle and locate the pump, remove the feed and filler pipe, and remove the pump and belt from underneath the vehicle. Replace the pump and drive belt, and adjust the drive belt, fill with oil and start the engine, turn the steering from lock to lock several times, then check the level and top up.