Sportrack won't start


My Sportrack won't start after refitting the cylinder head. I have fitted another ECU but the Engine warning light dosn't illuminate with ignition lights and fuel pump's not being powered up, I used the CD manual to diagnose the ECU but still no good. Has anyone had this kind of problem?
Cheers David

Fit the old ECU.

Fit the old ECU.
You probably fitted the distributor on the exhaust stroke rather than the compression stroke. Engine is probably firing on the exhaust and not on the compression stroke. A common error.
Remove number 1 spark plug, put your finger over the hole and turn the engine by hand until the plug is under pressure. Check and adjust against the timing mark on the fly wheel. Then fit the distributor so the distributor rotor is pointing to the HT lead for number 1 cylinder. Fire up and fine adjust using a strobe light.

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It still won't start

Thanks for the answer but the engine starts if I poor fuel into the manifold so the distributor is OK.

Having a similar problem

Having a similar problem with mine after changing the battery. Still dont know what the problem is, but if you can find my post "still no electrics after changing battery" you should at least be able to get it started.


Check the wiring for conductivity and fit of connectors. Clean any engine to earth contact straps. Use an electrical test/12v to try circuits .... with igntion switched 'on' etc.