hi,my radiator blew tonight,water all over the place,i drove it a little way to get to a safe area,when the engine cut out,when i tried to start it there is just a loud squeeling,screaching sound,and the engine will not catch,it is a 2.8 diesel,also the fuel drain,and the battery charge light came on,ive checked for water in the oil and that seems fine,do you think it will just be the radiator or is there something more serious waiting to surprise me, any help will be appreciated,truewhite0.


Radiator probably blew because the coolant overheated/over pressured. Overheat can be caused by a blown head gasket - gas pressires into the coolant. An oilway might not be damaged so dont expect to see oil in the coolant. It is possible coolant has filled/drained into a cylinder pot. Cranking the engine could cause serious problems, breaking a rod etc. You need to turn the engine by hand and evaluate if coolant is in a cylinder pot - check by removing the injectors - turn the engine and look for cooland emerging from an injector hole.


what would the screechng be,could it be the engine has seized,as theres no water in the engine,or could it be the starter motor has burnt itself out many thanks,truewhite0


Belts and water pump.

Leave the bonnet/hood open and let the engine dry out ... water might be on the electrics so it wont start - also making those lights illuminate.

If there is no water in the cylinder pots then the engine should turn over by hand. If you are certain there is no water in the pots then engage the starter. Hope it turns rather than BANG so it is your decision !
Does the engine fire up or turn over?
Which part of the engine gives the screech?

1. Water pump is a distinct possibility. Remove the belts which drive the water pump and alternator, and try running the engine. Does it screech with the belts removed?
Fit one belt ... does it screech?
Fit other belt ....... screech ??????