coil spring conversion


i have a 1986 2.8 non turbo daihatsu rocky and i would realy love to have coil spring conversion because the riding on leaf springs is pretty jumpy and hard, my question is: does any body out there done a coil spring conversion, i am not an expert but to me sound pretty easy. please correct me if am wrong. its just a matter of fitting new coil spring mounts and traction bars attached to the chassis ( of course with the correct measurements and all ). please let me know all about it.

whilst anything is possible

whilst anything is possible with a grinder and welder, i really think you'd have to be mad to try this when you can buy a newer coilsprung fourtrak. if you sucessfully converted yours you would probably have hassle getting it insured.. probably have to have an engineers report and increased premiums for a non standard vehicle.. have you tried setting the variable shocks to the soft setting, it can make a difference


Conversion is not really possible with a coil sprung model already on the market, the time, expense, and expertise needed can be horrendous.