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We have recently bought our first Fourtrak after two Sporties. It's a 2000 2.8 Independent. Our main concern is a noise that initially seemed to conform to an exhaust problem. Both the supplying garage and our Daihatsu dealer have investigated with no luck. The trouble is whenever you want someone to hear the noise it remains conspicuous by it's absence. The noise is a deep drumming vibratory sound that seems to come from beneath the car. At the moment it seems to be heard only between 1500-2000 r.p.m. (nearer 2000)and can occur at almost any time but mainly, I think, on poorly surfaced roads. I know it is incredibly difficult describing and locating noises but we hope that maybe someone else has come across this before. Our dealer is going to replace the split rubbers on the torsion bar as they feel this could be contributing to the noise. Does this make sense or is it clutching at straws?

Noisy stuff

I have this one as well ! do not know what it is yet, i suspect exhaust related rather than road surface, might be a heat shield, seems to be from the the left hand side, anyone fixed it yet.

Noise abated?

The latest on THE NOISE is that I might have gone some way to curing it (Hope I'm not speaking too soon) I noticed a missing bolt on the front engine undertray so took it off to investigate. I couldn't get a bolt into the missing hole (don't know wether the threads gone or it's rusted up) so just bolted the tray back on and now after 150 miles running it seems to have cured the attendant drumming noise. The vibey noise at just under 2000 revs is still there but seems greatly reduced. Fingers crossed. I shall keep you posted.

Noise from fourtrack

I have what seems to be a similar problem. Mine starts at about 2000rpm, goes at 2300rpm and can only discribe it as sounding like a growling- come noise like an exhauster on a lorry.I have asked at the main dealer and they have said they havent come across it. It does sound as it is coming from the air filter, turbo area. Has anyone had problems with the intercooler hoses breaking down on the inside? Thats my next move? Main dealer part or motor factors?
Cheers Steve

Fourtrack, better than a Disco anyday!

Fourtrack, better than a Disco anyday!

Yeah, my Fieldman has done th

Yeah, my Fieldman has done the same thing for the last 50000 miles.

I think it's the rubber mounts for the engine and gearbox loosening up after the first 40000 or so. At 1800 rpm the turbo is up and the engine banging out max torque, regretably, being only a 4 cylinder, it's just a bit lumpy. Maybe when the rubber mounts are new they are a bit stiffer and the whole thing doesn't resonate, but when they are older you get the grumbling noises.

I've found that the noise is more noticible when pulling a load up a steep-ish hill in 4th. It really started playing tunes with 3/4 ton of kit in the back though ..... I thought I'd knackered something, but as soon as I ran light, everything was back to normal.

The split bushes on the torsion bar are pretty normal (my MOT man's favourite moan next to play in bottom ball joints). By all means replace them, but I don't expect it will solve your problem.

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Got similar on mine, see my earlier post. I suspect with mine a combination of engine mounts, gearbox mounts, for the shake and ropy main shaft bearing/slacked nut main shaft for the brrrrr!!!!. I guess the play is in the top end of the box so you really only notice it in 5th, then a bit later in 4th, then a bit later it starts to happen in 3rd. Happens in the 1500 to 2200 range mainly so I think with the revs if you spin it up fast enough it 'stabilises' itself gyroscopically which cuts down the noise, except of course when you hit a bump and it makes a devil of a noise until you back off the revs and run it up again.
I'm hoping I can get by with tightening up the nut and doing the mounts when I get a chance.
hope this helps, If I have any joy next month ()next chance to do mine() I'll post it.

Noisy Fourtrak (Still)

Well we had the torsion bar rubbers replaced and on the way home thought that the problem was cured however the next day the noise was back again. It seems that every little thing I try to do such as tighten the mud flaps, tighten loose coolant tank etc. seems to make an initial improvement then, the next time out it's back to square one.
We towed for the first time with it recently and surprise!! the noise was gone. But guess what? the noise was back again on the return journey, still towing. It still makes the noise on a daily basis under varying conditions which I can't pin down although it appears at slightly lower revs now (1500+). Any more ideas out there cause it's driving me nuts?


Just had the leaky rear axle seals on the back of my wife's F75 - Replaced along with the wheel bearings which were totally stuffed and reduced the noise in her car to manageable level. Might do mine next month when money permits as my F75 is very noisy in the back end. This would also apply to the later IFS 4tracks.