bloody insurance companies!


my Hijet is a MPV, its tax classed as light goods and i have commercial insurance on it as none of the car web sites had the hijet listed!

it was insured as a 2 seater as all the seats in the back had been removed by a prev owner.
i bought a single HiJet MPV seat from ebay came with the bolts/seatbelt anchor.
so i fit the seat and phone insurance co to let them know........

i had to explain that originally the van had 6 seats when it came out the factory, a prev owner had removed the rear ones to get more load in the back. the seat i fitted is an original Hijet one....

because *I* have fitted it, they want to class it as a Modification and up my monthly payment from £25 to £80!
BUT.. if i remove it and get it fitted by a Daihatsu dealer its classed as an accessory! and no extra charge will be added!
and to top it off.. after its fitted officially, all i do is phone them up and TELL them its been done!


I would go to a main dealer and tell them the story and just see if they will give you an invoice to say its been fitted and then phone the robbing twats up and fax them a copy of the invoice for no charge.

Good luck. Brendan.

yep, one of the dealers from

yep, one of the dealers from Daihatsu UK web site thats local-ish to me.
phoned them today and explained what i needed.. they said it was a 1st lol..

i will get it done as i dont want to be caught short as insurance cos will find anything to not cover you!

thing that pisses me off is that the seat would have been there originally had someone not removed it! i did explain that to them last night.
they then started asking me about the side windows.. are they original.. yes!!
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