Minding my own business in the supermarket car park 2day, I noticed an L reg Sporty parking up not too far away. The driver got out, and looked at mine and started to walk over and asked me what I thought of them. Had a bit of a chat, and then said he has a "continual roar" and do I have the same? I hadn't, but agreed to have a listen to see what I thought.
It was obvoius as soon as he fired up that the cooling fan was stuck on, and the viscous coupling mechanism had failed, so it was turning all the time - even when the lid was lifted and I tried to turn it manually, it was stuck fast. I was just wondering if someone here has had this go, and is it common?

It's usually the other way ar

It's usually the other way around. They don't engage when they should, cousing overheating. Maybe a previous owner had had this problem, and solved it (like I have one morethan one car) by jamming the viscouse coupling up cousing the fan to run contiouasly.

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