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i have a feeling that i have the wrong insurance.
this is my 1st set of 4 wheels, i thought it was a van, i knew it had windows all round. i didnt know its actually a MPV till a few days afterwards.
i looked at the insurance co i used, they only have panel van in the menu.

what insurance company's do you lot use?
is there MPV specific insurance?
none of the car sites (confused) had Daihatsu Hijet listed.

Thanks to the rush of

Thanks to the rush of replies.
to you this may have been a dumb question. but do you know there are people out there that cant tell between car/van models?
to me a car is a box with 4 wheels that gets in my way!

ask me to image a motorcycle model and i can tell you how many colours it has, what year etc..
most of you image a Harley Davidson when motorcycles are mentioned!

Thanks but i have got it sorted now with Elephant.
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Hi. Don't hold your breath


Don't hold your breath for replies for the Hijet. It sometimes feels busy if there is more than one reply in a week!

As far as I was aware there is the van without windows and the minibus/mpv with windows and with 4 seats in the back. Then there is the the pickup and the bigger pickup called the big deck that can have 4 wheel drive.

My panel van is bizarely down as 4x4 with the dvla. I think the MPV's are registered as non commercial vehicles I think hence the lower tax compared to the vans as commercial vehicles.

Mine cost me more to insure than my LWB HIGH roof transit. Bizare!



lol @ busy if there is more

lol @ busy if there is more than one reply in a week!
>its weird, never been on a forum this slow before. its frustrating sometimes. even joined up the Facebook Hijet group, thats the same.

as i have found out, there are 3 main Hijets
Panel van
MPV-6 seater people carrier *what i have with 3 seats*
Pick up/truck/flatbed thing.

part of me screwing up my insurance is due to the V5 saying its "light goods" class. i thought i needed commercial insurance for it, turns out i was wrong (learning curve) and only needed normal car insurance.
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For insurance you don't need

For insurance you don't need "commercial" insurance well you may do if its for a business, but for general use all insurance companies should insure it more so with the MPV. Maybe you can post how you got on for insurance?

When I first insured mine it was over £1000, the transit was a little less. Now I'm still paying over £500 and they take it as one lump sum, bar stewards, even worse giving it to tesco's!

Try Adrian Flux!

Aswell as the pickup there is the big deck pickup which is a little bigger but I think only the big deck has 4x4 apart from the asian sourced 660cc or 850cc.



i went with ""

i went with ""
i am 29yrs old, female (sorry no ASL lol)
but i have been driving since last December so 0 NCB, been riding motorcycles last 10 years!

i am paying £40 a month TPFT + a named driver who reduced it by £20 :0)
after 1yrs NCB it halved.

i just assumed as it was a "van" + log book classes it as private light goods. i needed commercial insurance. ah well.. learnt the lesson.
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I tried Tesco, not bad for me £165 pa full comp. I am 40+ soz
Me ol man made it cheaper.

My son made it more pricey tho' £1200 ouch.

But went with Direct line got it for £650. He paid the difference. My son is 18.

He now wishes to run it himself so will let you know how he gets on insuring it. Mine is a 6 seater MPV Hijet Efi 998cc 1997.

same van here too. went

same van here too.
went with Elephant in the end, i know my 1st year will be expensive. once i get 1yr NCB it will come down as i did a online quote. would come down to £20 a month.
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