Has anyone had/has a HKS Fuel Cut Defencer fitted to their YRV Turbo?


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Since having a Blitz Nur-Spec R exhaust fitted to my YRV Turbo I have noticed when pushing it slightly for overtaking that the car feels like it's hitting a brick wall, from what I have read up on, the car appears to be over-boosting and the ECU is compensating for it. I noticed on a recent Autotrader ad that a YRV Turbo is currently for sale with an aftermarket exhaust and a HKS Fuel cut Defencer. Just wondered if anyone has had/has one fitted to their YRV Turbo? And is it recommended?
At the moment I would love to have the car remapped for mods, but the only place I can find www.bigperformance.co.uk are 200 miles away from where I live. Sad



Haven't got a fuel defencer,

Haven't got a fuel defencer, but have a non standard exhaust and get the fuelling problem at near redline too.

Has Ian @ Bigperformance written a map for the YRV Turbo? Or is it a custom map?

Hi There, When I

Hi There,

When I contacted Ian last year he mentioned he has re-programmed the ECU of the standard YRV from 85BHP to 100BHP. Mentioned mine was a turbo and made a comment about getting this up-to 150BHP. But obviously he had to road-roll it first to see what it was currently running at. At the moment I would happy to have it mapped so that the brick wall feeling be taken out Sad Bit of a pain whn your flooring it for overtaking to find that you have the power taken away from you >Sad

Unfortunately as he is based in Surrey it's a bit far to go from where I live Sad And he quoted me £450 for the mod and rolling road. Not sure how much it will be now.
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