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Just new to the site after getting a G registered Foutrak 2.8 Turbo Diesel. Had great fun getting it sorted for mot after it has sat in a field for 2 years. Problem I have is it has just lost 5th gear. It was working and nothing else is affected you can drive it right through the gear box until you try to select 5th and there is nothing there. If you select 5th whilst stationary you can let out the clutch and it will just sit there it just doesn't appear to be engaging. Is this a common fault or does anyone have any suggestions. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

no 5th gear

Hi a small spring will have come off in the gearbox pulling the gear in to another , hope this helps ,mike

Thanks. Is there any way of

Thanks. Is there any way of checking without removing the gearbox or will it need to come out. I take it no way in from the top.

no 5th gear


5th gear

Hi the problem with your g/box is somebody has removed the top bung(which has a lock tab)thinking its the oil level plug.This holds a little selector in place and when bolt removed,drops in the bottom of the g/box.The level plugs are all 24mm on g/box transfer and axles.Unfortunately you will have to remove g/box to refit no short cut.Hope this Helps Mick,PS I dont think there a spring!!!

Mick H

I had the same problem after

I had the same problem after MOT pass last week, on each side of the box going down to the bottom is an arm, one for reverse and one for 5th. Reverse is a single long arm, but 5th is a small selector on the turret which moved a arm that pivots on a bolt you can see from the outside(alot of people remove this in mistake as a level plug). The arm as most likely fallen off, and dropped into the bottom of the box, STOP DRIVING NOW. The metal arm could get sucked in between the shafts and shread your gears, destroying the box. You'll have to take the box out, drain the oil, find the arm and slot it back onto the pivot bolt. The box is easy to removed, its rather heavy though, about 60-70kgs. Goodluck!

Thanks everyone. That makes

Thanks everyone. That makes perfect sense. Had someone giving me a hand and I can confirm they removed the tabbed bolt on the nearside of the gearbox to check for level. So the rod will be in the bottom of the box. Oh well out it comes. Thanks again


Thanks everyone I got the gearbox out and managed to get the swivel arm back into place for 5th gear and it's now working perfectly. Great site and great advice. Thanks again. I tried it out in 4 wheel drive low today and it is a bit noisy sounds like a really fast knocking / rattling sound from the front end somewhere but don't know where, possibly hubs or diff, is this the norm for them as this is my first or is this something else needing major surgery.

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There could be several reasons for it knocking, check the following.

Front propshaft universal joints, check for lateral movement or play in them, a simple grease may be whats required, or new joints. The joints are £10 + VAT and postage from Milners.

Front hubs: yours would normally be manual on this year, but could have been upgraded to auto hubs at sometime, or specified with auto's as an option from new. Manual hubs may still be engaged, or one may be engaged, autos may be sticking due to internal corrosion or deterioration from damp entering them.

Front brakes: these may cause problems from corrosion, sticking, or a combination of these things. It may be a case of jacking the front wheels and turning them by hand to clarify if it is a wheel, and if so, which one.
Your diff is unlikely, but it could be wheel bearings, but unlikely if the vehicle was ok before it stood.

Check the steering gear as this may partially seize, grease the steering gear, this will help to expel any moisture gathering in the ball and swivel joints.

rev limiter

Thanks for all the comments. Yet more problems, looks like things have not been greased for a lot of years and this seems to be the problem with the knocking.
The fourtrak had a good try out and I find it brilliant off road. My shooting grounds are 30 miles away and it sat at a steady 60mph all the way there with no problems at all. Next day I went out for a run and it could only manage about 45mph. At first I thought it was just because I was driving into a very strong wind but went out again tonight and it seems to be as though there was an over rev device fitted. It will rev to 4200rpm in neutral and it revs ok through 1st and 2nd gear but when you put it into 3rd it only gets to 3000rpm then begins to hunt as if cutting down the number of cylinders. I don't like to muck about too much with things but something isn't right. I would welcome any further suggestions other than sell it!!! BiggrinScratch one-s head

Thats very odd. Mines a 1990

Thats very odd. Mines a 1990 2.8 SWB. On top of the fuel pump is the throttle linkage, there are screws you can adjust to change the tick over and maximum revs. My max rev is set to half(!!!!!) because it wouldn't pass the MOT otherwise and I can still get 60MPH on the motorway at 2,000 RPM. But, there is no reason that yours should have changed suddenly. Seeing as it will rev up to 4,200(wow, mine is 2k max xd) it doesn't look like its the screw adjustment, but maybe you could tinker with it to see if you can get a little more power out of it.

Adjustment screws

Thanks, the lad who helped me get it up and running for the MOT adjusted the tick over and maximum rev screws to get it up to those revs and it is a very sudden thing so wondered if maybe there was an airlock or similar in the diesel (does this still happen nowadays). I have just taken delivery of a timing belt and power steering belt and have an alternator belt and a set of oil, air and fuel filters on order. I'll get those changed and see if it makes any difference but who knows. Thanks for the speedy reply.

5th Gear Fix

G'day, does anyone have a video or a how to for the 5th gear problem?

Thanks in advance.