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i am buying new leaf springs all around for my daihatsu rocky 1986 2.8 non turbo but i need to know this:

1. how many leafs are per tire

2. can i have 2+1 on the front left and right and 3+1 on the rear left and right or 2+1 or again 3+1 all around with some rancho shocks rs5000.

almoust forgot all leaf springs are going to be curved to give it about a 2 inch lift. please advise. thanks

leafs a plenty

You can have whatever amount of leaves that is practical, leaf spring vehicles are highly modifiable, there is no particular rules but there is right and wrong, you need to talk to an expert in the subject, some old jeeps had seven or eight thin leaves which can give great articulation....

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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