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I am still trying to locate an alternative engine to replace my diesel.I have enquired and a replacement engine is £1950+VAT and a request on a spares site got a reply of £950+VAT exchange for a used unit.I would still like to know if a petrol engine would bolt on the gearbox or would I need the complete running gear?Petrol engines seem to be rare as well so I am presently in a no win situation.I have been scouring ebay for some time but no luck.I would not recommend the diesel to anyone a manual costs about £150 and the spares are astronomical eg 4 injector units £1000+ Short of buying a complete pickup/van to convert I am stuck.Any help appreciated

Going by your research into p

Going by your research into prices of new or used engines I would say your latter option is probably the best.

Look for a complete vehicle (maybe a scrapper)...you would then get the engine plus all the other parts ...a better option all round I would say.

The Italian firm Lombardini m

The Italian firm Lombardini make the diesel unit for the HiJet, and has not been known for it's longevity - probably due to their experience being mainly in small, single cylinder units for industrial and agricultural applications.

I would imagine that there would be very little difference between the mating of a petrol or diesel unit to the 'box but dont forget the additions for the petrol unit such as the ECU, catalyst equipped exhaust, fuel system and all the additional electrics/wiring involved in a modern petrol engine. And for the residual price of these vans it just ain't worth it.

FWIW if I were you, I would get the cheapest possible diesel unit, bolt it up and book it in for a star appearance in the local Auto Trader ASAP to recoup as much of your outlay as poss.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Hi M8 Saw this advertised

Hi M8

Saw this advertised in local ads paper....dont know where you are but this van is in Glasgow.

Add reads :

Daihatsu Hijet van 1996 N registration. Breaking for spares. Most parts available. Telephone 07092 639978 Glasgow

re re hijet diesel

I,ve finally found a petrol engine and the rest to convert.Anyone interested in buying the diesel lump(new injectors fitted)also some useful new spares(the injectors alone are worth hundreds)I,ve got it on EBAY at the moment starting at £150 or BUY IT NOW for £250 END OF HIJET DIESEL SAGA


Diesel Hijet engine


Did you ever sell your diesel HiJet engine? if not I really only want teh fuel pump, would you be interested in selling it? if so for how much?