lower down the noise


hi guys recently i bough a 1987 daih rock 2.8 non turbo and the engine is running a 100% but its kind of noisy, i really haven't check the pipe underneath to see if there are any leaks, for some reazon the manifold its cracked just a little bit wich is cover with some type of paste but stills leaking smoke through and to be honest basically there is no way i can get another. so my question is:

1. its is possible that i can weld the hole and sealed
2. or would it work if i can get someone to custom make one.
3. please let me know the best option.

thanks very much for all the answers because it really help me a lot in my decisions.

Cracked Up

Two options exist, repair or replace.

To repair, clean back to good meatl with an angle grinder, run the engine until it is hot, then braize the offending hole. Allow it all to cool naturally, and this should cure it.

To replace: buy a secondhand manifold, or have a custom made stainless unit made, and the rest of the exhaust at the same time.