Sportrak second gear problems


Can any body help i have a Sportrak ELXI J REG When i change from 1st to 2nd it's difficult to engage the gear and it's worse in the cold and when you have to change gear quickly like on a juction. It starting to feel lumpy going into 3rd as well.Also has the Sportrak got an adjustable clutch that may cause this problem.
Any help would be great.


Change the oil!

Hiya Rob,

Experienced the same problem. Infact it got to the stage where 2nd gear was impossible!

Anyway there is a miracle cure!

Change the gear box oil. Because of the age of your vehicle, don use a fully synthetic oil.

Yes, thats right, auto. Its better for stiff gears.
Worked a treat with mine.
Check the clutch out first though just incase.

Good Luck

Hi ducati thanks for the tip

Hi ducati thanks for the tip i will give it a try and get back to you
i have just had the oil changed when it was serviced last month so i try this additive. Where did you get the idea from.

thanks again



My local garage recommended it.

Apparently its only available to garages, I think they might have to order it.

But it sounds like the problems your having are very similar to what mine were, and mine's alot better now. First time you use second gear it's a little stiff, but it's fine after that and its getting better by the day.