K & N Induction kit


Hi, as a newcomer to Hijets (although not to Daihatsu, having previously owned a Sportrak & a Terios) I have been looking at the old forum topics,and came across references to K & N Induction Kits.
The only 'benefit' really mentioned seemed to be making your
Hijet sound like a Ferrari (!)

My questions are :- Is anyone currently running this setup?
And if so, does it actually make any difference (apart from the
noise, of course.)

Regards to all.


hi redneck i asked similar

hi redneck i asked similar questions a few months ago, to no avail hopefully someone will get back to you and we will both benefit....., cheers bones..

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induction kit?

Iv got a Sportrak which isnt quite the same as yours i know but........when i bought the sporty recently i barely got 56mph out it, changed the plugs which were carboned up to death, gained 10 mph extra... Then i fitted the K+N and as well as giving it a nice throaty induction sound it goes a good deal faster and its not like a placebo effect, it really is much much better, acceleration much improved, top end 85mph up long motorway hill stretches easily now, i approve!!! Havent taken it beyond 85....... yet !