rear wiper motor


Hi i'm looking for a rear wiper motor for my sporty mine has seized.I need to get 1 asap as it's due for mot soon.Anyone help?

rear wiper motor

Ive just bought a fourtrak off a farmer with fresh mot and the rear wipers been siezed for is it in the test?

Its not in the test

My 53 plate Pug's rear wiper hasn't worked in three years and three different places have passed it. Conclusion = its not in the test.

MOT test

The rear wiper motor is in the MOT test, basically the catch all is in the wording of the legislation, if its fitted it has to work and comply with the appropriate legal criteria.

All is not lost as if the wiper arm and nut is removed, and the plastic cap is replaced, it is classified as not fitted, and the plastic cap ensures no sharp protruding parts. Now it is legal.