prop shafts, transfer, transmission, engine


i currently own a 1987 daihatsu rocky 2.8 non turbo LWB and looking to buy a 1995 daihatsu rocky SWB wich i would like to put my engine in it but first i would like to know if the engine,transmission,transfer case will fit righ in with no problem at all and second i would like to know if the front prop shaft still work or is it a different one ohh and for the rear prop shaft i need sugjention if i can use another one from another truck, please advise. thank you


The engine, gearbox, and transfer case will fit straight in and cause no problems, you will need the turbo front exhaust pipe. The unit will fit onto your original mounting points and original radiator, but if it is an intercooled engine, the intercooler will need installing in front of the radiator.

The front prop will fit ok, but the rear may possinly need lengthening if excess suspension travel is used.

This is a straightforward conversion, and all parts are available.