help needed for my spostrak


can anyone help me with my sportrak? im trying to wire my spotlights into the main beam, ive done it the normal way as i have on many cars before but for some reason on my sportrak the side lights also activate the spotlights, how do i overcome this problem?


Same as mine then, its to do with the way they switch (think its called switched earth), i tried everything including disconnecting the dim dip wires and made no difference.

I am going to run a switch on mine.




thanks for the replies, i have read all the comments from previuos postings but unfortunately, i am non the wiser. if anyone could put it into more simple terms for me i would be very grateful.

In simple terms, what Daihats

In simple terms, what Daihatsu did was set up most of the wiring so that there is positive charge to vehicle accessories ALL OF THE TIME. This means that if you try to take a trigger charge off something (eg high beam for spotlights) to run some aftermarket accessories, there is charge there, even when the something is switched off. What stops the something from being on all the time, earth switching. When you use the switch to turn something on, such as the high beam switch, the curcuit is completed at the earth end, instead of the "normal" power end. Ask LuRcH about his air horns. He had all sorts of fun wiring them up, and I still dont know if he got it done.
For your spotlights, try connecting the trigger wire for the relay to one of the three wires immediately behind the headlight bulb. Some people use "scotch clips" but I dont like them, cause corrosion can take hold, I prefer to use good old solder and heatshrink. I have to say, that in Australia, there are different lighting requirements, so the whole sidelight/trickle high beam thing doesnt exist here.
Apart from this, just wire them up seperately, through a seperate switch. If its illegal to do so, because like here spotlights have to be switched through high beam, and going through a MOT could cause problems, then just remove the bulbs and the switch before the MOT and tell them they are just there for looks.
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Hi all,
I'm a new member reading through these postings as my girlfriend has just purchased a nice looking sportrak that has got very similar problems to these listed! and guess who has to try and sort them out?

I set up some spots the usual way and found out the same problems as you all.
After speaking to an auto-elec, he says that the dim-dip is a legal requirement in Europe, so if you are thinking of taking your sporty to France etc, you can't fiddle (remove) this facility.

How 'they' set the spots up is to run the feed wire not from behind the lights (as we have all done) but from the dim dip relay itself.

So I'm going to try this soon (guess by checking for the live/earth on the relay) and transfer the spot relay feed from behind the lights to the dim/dip relay.

I'll let you know how it turns out (hope i dont blow the missus car up!).


Another idea for you. Conect

Another idea for you. Conect the spotlight relay (I asum your using on) posotive feed straight to the battery (or some other permanantly live source of surficiant capacity). Then connect the earth from the relay to the wire going from the main beem filiment, to the hi/low beam switch (and from there to earth to compleat the circuit). This way you've wired the spots up the same way as the main beem. You can work out which is the main beem return by disconecting the 3 pin socket from the back of the headlight, then use a side light/indicator/etc bulb with 2 wires to see which 2 terminals make it work with the car switches set to work main beem. Now see which off these wires is live. The other is the main beem earth return.
I have no idea if this will negate the dim dip problem as I'm just making this solution up in my head. However if the problem of side lights & engine running persists, and you don't mined a little bogery, see my privious answer to this problem on the page mentioned by snaprails bellow.
Good luck.
If non of that made any sence at all, mail me on this sites internal mail system, and I'll send you my phone number so I can try to explain it better.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.