Hijet van Light surround cover


Hi Hijetters, can anyone tell me how to remove the headlight plastic surround covers??

Ive removed the front grill and pulled the push plugs on the grill side but there seems to be some resistance on the left side and i dont want to pull it incase it breaks the plastic surround!!!!

Is there a hidden screw or something behind the side panel????

Im trying to replace my orange indicator bulbs!!!!! a simple job proving to be not so simple!!!!

Regards. Brendan ( Zeebra 3)

how to

the side light inside the vehicle may be adding resistance and is released by a spring with a handle found inside the vehicle behind the light itself, and the surround itself is eventually only only popper attachments I think. However things like the fitting may add to its' attachment. Hope this offers some ideas.

how to.

Oh sorry, indicator bulbs, well I guess you pop out that side light by releaseing that spring, pull first.