Electrical failure in Sportrak


The electrics on my 89 Sportrak have just suddenly packed up. Everything is dead. I drove the car home, prkrd up, and switched oof. A couple of minutes later, I tried to start the car and all electrics are dead (ignition lights locking etc) I fiddle with the fuse box, and I got ignition, until I tried the starter motor, when all i got was a click and looss of electrics again. From the fdrivers handbook I know there should be a master fuse, but I can't find it. Any clues as top what might be the problem, or where the master fuse is? Unfortunately, in the past someone has wired in front spots and an alarm system, which have now been disconnected, so i have a fair bbit of surplus wiring. i have to say I've had the car for about three years, with never a problem.

Any help please



First and i know this is obvious but check the battery voltage is at least 12v, i had a car a few years ago did the same thing and it was the battery.

Next check, again stupid i know) that the battery terminal are tight and that the earth is connected to the car.

My spotraks a later model but i think the master fuses are next to the battery.

If your starter is just going click then its not getting enough power, but the power is getting to it.

Sorry i cant help more.