993cc Hijet, head gasket on way out


Well after a year being 100% reliable I was preparing my Hijet for selling tomorrow, but upon removing the oil filler cap to give it an oil change I saw the dreaded mayo Cray 2 Something must have happened in the past couple of weeks as I have always regularly checked levels and topped up, and always keep an eye on the temp which has never been an issue.

What I am wondering is, does the mayo in the filler cap mean a total failure and the van cannot be driven, or is it just the early signs that the gasket is on its way out?

Also, considering I was about to receive £500 for the van tomorrow, is getting the HG done in a garage first an economical repair or will it leave me little change?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Head Gasket

Mayonnaise in the oil filler cap is not necessarily a sign that the cylinder head gasket is on it's way out. It can be caused by water in the oil, which is a by-product of the combustion process, or by condensation caused by cold air passing over the top of the engine. If it is the head gasket, you will get the mayonnaise on the dipstick as well, as the water (coolant) will be getting in the oil, and the oil will be getting into the water.

Well after further

Well after further investigation today it appears all is well. The mayo in the filler cap was much more than I'd noticed there before which is why it alarmed me, and a similar amount to what I'd seen in pictures of failed motors. But today I drained some of the oil and it is clear, and also tested the coolant bottle for exhaust gasses which was also clear.

I guess there's plenty of life in the old girl yet Smile