i was out driving this week ad the 96 Anjou was going well following a recent service. I then becam aware of her juddering under strain and when I stopped it was obvious that one cyllinder was not firing. On getting home I checked each plug and number two was not firing. I changed the plug and lead and ensured a good spark but it still would not fire. Today I had the jets out and swapped one for two half expecting that to be the problem but no No2 will still not fire.

Water level is up a bit and I had been using oil but none since the service so put that down to shagged oil. No oil in the water and visa versa. Syatem not pressurising as it shuld as I can take the cap of which may be a reason for more water in the header tamk I put some Redex Jet cleaner through with the usual blue smoke which cleared and I am getting a lot of condensation out of the exhaust, black water. No 2 plug is firing out of the car but is black when removed but not sticky. What I did notice was a whiff of blue smoke coming out opposite no 2, when the Redx was put through the air intake, above the exhaust manifold. The car stationery will fully rev and the EMU light is not on so all the sencors are fine. I have checked the wires to the injectors by swapping 2 with 3 and that was fine so the power is going to the injector

I have 2 thoughts, cylnder head cracked or gasket failure making the combustion mix contaminated &not igniting

I have not yet checked the compression which again could have gone on no2

Any ideas?

Distributor cap.

What is a 96 Anjou?
If it has spark plugs then check what is supplying the spark. I assume it has a distributor. Check the carbon electrodes inside the distributor cap. Electrode supplying HT lead of number2 cylinder is probably burned away.

'96 Anjou

'96 Anjou , I believe its a special edition Sportrak. one of two I think 'oldminiman' owns, reading your post oldminiman , could it be a dead or breaking down under pressure sparkplug, it seems you have not tried that one .

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Carrying no 2

Hi thanks for the replies. I have checked the cap and the spark on all is good. I have replaced the plug and checked it is sparking, which it is. I have black water dripping out of the exhaust so i suspect water is getting into that chamber and preventing combustion due to steam. So off with the top and have a look . Yes I do have two and the Anjou was supposed to replace the 1991 car but it may prove to be the supplier of spares if it is a naffed up head unless I can locate one, shame as it is a nice car but not as good as the old one in so many ways.

M J Young

Plug cap.

My Sporty always drips black water until it heats up. It is likey to be condensation from the dirty exhaust system.
Have you checked the spark plug's cap. Is it conducting to the plug?


Well I checked and double checked all the ignition side and was stified that the spark was there on all cylinders. The fuel sustem is fine and I checked th no 2 electrical connection on No two by moving it back to no 3 all a ok.

So it was down to the compression. No's 1,3 &4 popped out at above 60lllb. No 2 failed to reach 18lb so it is no compression to no 2 that is the problem which is what I suspected . So I will now remove the head and see if it is simply the gasket or a crack in the head. I am looking to source a replacement head now in case.##Thanks for all the suggestions all worth a try but sadly typical Sporty head. Oddly my 1991 is fine with 113K on the clock but then I had it from 30 months old so have maintained it really well.

Thanks again


M J Young