side lights staying on


hi can anyone help my fourtrak side lights are staying on when i switch all the lights of and turn the ignition off. I have checked all the earths and thay seem ok and i aint no sparky so im banging my head of the wall help please Help

You don't have parking

You don't have parking lights perhaps? In other words a switch on top of your wheel column or nearby. Most cars have these today. The YRV doesn't but cars like Subarus have these and will leave your side lights on when the ignition is switch off whilst parked up on the side of a road for example.

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side lights staying on

I assume it is all 4 that are staying on and that you have not been doing any work to the lights. If that is the case then cheack all the connections but it sounds as if the switch is shorting out within and will need replacing. I would start by removing the steering cowl and ensuring that the switch is not showing a current output when in the off position to the lights. If that is dead then you could have a short further down the loom. If it is live when off then the switch has failed. If the lights are dim then it may be an earth problem, so check all the earths are secure and not corroded

You can either replace with an original ie steering column or auxillary on the dash. With age these switches do wear.

Parking lights usually work on cars using the indicator switch when all is switched off eg flick it up for the rhight lights and down for the left light. I have 2 Sportraks which are basically the same in this switch and neither have that facility

Hope this helps

M J Young

side lights staying on

Smile Hi guys problem solved gave the light switch a goood clean with the good old WD40 and all seems to be working. thanks again what a wonderful group of people we have in the daihatsu club Smile