what lb winch should i get for a sporty ?


as above really , i want to put a winch on the sporty, what sort of poundage should i be looking at and where should i be looking for a good deal on one Unknw

many thanks in advance


i have a 8000lbs winch on mine 300 quid champion variety you may weel have to fabricate the thing your self because the winch wont fit between the chassis so you will have to make your own winch bumper a days work plus steel mines the grey sporty on the gallery have a look



For a sporty a 6000lb winch would work, but do not forget to fit an auxiliary battery along with a split charging system to ensure the vehicles main battery is maintained.

My preferred choice would be a 9000lb item, this works less on a sporty, and gives a longer duty cycle without the battery draining, or the motor overheating.

Many decent winches are on the market, and it is all down to its intended use. If you enter trials where speed is paramount, one of the expensive winches with a "high on load winching speed" is the one to go for.

If it is purely for self recovery, or recovering others in your group then one of the cheaper winches will suffice. Champion make good winches and are currently available for between £300-400 depending on model. These are relatively slow in operation, but give excellent control over the winched load, and do the job well.

It would be advisable to do a winching course if you are a novice, these show the correct operation and the potential for the consequences if it does go wrong. The cost of these courses is negliegable against the cost of your, or others lives.