Where's the thermostat?


Hi all, I'm new here and fairly new to Daihatsu's.

Whilst blasting up the M1 on Sunday in my 1300 EFi van my temperature gauge dopped to zero! I pulled in to the next services thinking it dropped all is coolant to fine coolant levels are fine, I'm assuming the thermostat is stuck open as its now using more fuel and the heaters blowing cold.

I've been unable to find a manual for the van but looking at it there seems to be a housing behind the alternator but as this looks difficult to get to I want to check before pulling it apart?

Also the tappets need adjusting, does anyone know the clearances?



If the thermostat housing has three nuts and the hose stretches to the radiator then it is likely to be the thermostat. Most daihatsu thermostats are sited in difficult places to reach. Buy the correct type/length and fit it with the toggle uppermost. Take care not to overtighten the thermostat housing nuts .. 5lb max. Too heavy handed and the thread strips. Also use gasket sealant on the housing to stop leakage - saves doing the job twice!

tappets ...... is your van the same as a sporty?

i have an older MPV and my

i have an older MPV and my thermostat lives under a rear "hump". this "hump" is behind the front seats, has a bunch of bolts holding it down. as soon as this was off i could see/access the thermostat piss easy.

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