I just got a Fourtrak el Help me pls!


I have just bought a 1988 fourtrak el 2 litre petrol, but I am having a few problems finding an owners handbook to go with it.
She is a beatiful machine and a brute on the road if anyone can help me I would be very gratefull.
P,s maybe I can get her off road sometime soon.

Is it an owners handbook or f

Is it an owners handbook or full service manual you require Unknw
If its the service manual I can help you out there.
I have the full service manual for the petrol engined Fourtrack.
If you want one private message me your email address and we can sort it out m8


F85..isnt that a diesel engin

F85..isnt that a diesel engine Unknw

If so u can obtain a manual for it of this website...I am sure Lurch will respond ...

isnt it a diesel

nope I can guarantee it is a petrol and not as thirsty as I first thought it would be as I am getting about 26ish to the gallon loaded. I finally got her off road sort of (yay)the other day it was a carpark of sorts (very bumpy and loadsa muddy puddles) then decided to push my luck and try the farmers field next to it but had to move sharpish when a tractor appeared from nowhere, still I managed to plow a nice big hole with my nudge bars (I dont think hitting the ditch at 40mph will have helped lol) does anyone know where I can find a beginners off road track in Northumberland.

Just got myself a cracking 89 EL petrol fourtrak

can anyone give me any advice on the brake servo as my brakes are working ok but i will end up walking with a bit of a limp due to a massive build of muscle on my right leg as the brakes need a fair bit of pressure to stop been told it vacum pipe on sevo anyone no how easy this is to fix