Wheel Locking Nuts.


Hi Guys. Just took my 03 Rally2 in for a service (not main dealer)Mechanic has rung to say there is no key for the locking wheel nuts. Only had car 8 months so never had wheels off and thought key would be with jack. Silly me!
Rang garage I bought it from but they say it 'was' in car.

What can I do?? Is it poss to get a replacement?

Although this is a bit of a

Although this is a bit of a late response, I suppose the garage will have to drill off the current locking nuts, but will mean you will be 1 short on each wheel. Your best bet is to try your local scrapyard to see if you can get hold of some wheel nuts to fit your car (X 4) as for locking nut replacements then you can try E-bay or the local Stealers to see how much you can get some for. I recently changed my Alloys on my YRV and ended up having slimmer bolts and a new set of locking bolts so not to scuff the new alloys. I still have my old set of locking nuts and key, not sure if they will be any good on a Sirion? Send me a private message to discuss if you like.


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Thanks Panick over!!

Thanks jon for your reply.

Would you believe it when I got the car back from the garage I checked in the plastic bag which houses the wheel brace and there was the Locking nut key. They just had not looked!!

Thanks for your reply and sorry to waste your time.