Rusty rear Wheel-arch


Whilst having a look around and clean I discovered that the rear wheel arch on the drivers side had become quite rusty. The rust has eaten its way from the lower edge of the arch up about 1½ to 2½ inches from the centre outwards about a foot. How bad is this and how easy is it to repair?
Thanks for any advise.


Can you MIG weld, do you have a, or access to a welder, and are you capable of welding bodywork? if yes, its easy.

Use some timber and make a form to the shape of the arch, cut body steel and form ober the wooden profile. Work slowly and methodically and the panel beating skills soon come to you.

Once a replacement panel is made cut out the offending metal back to good metal, clean the area to bright metal and spot weld every two inches (50mm), allowing each weld to cool to prevent distortion.

Remove the inner trim panel and spot weld from the inside for additional strength. Paint the inside with industrial paint, let it run into all the joints and straight through. On the underside use seal sealer to seal any joint and paint with industrial paint. Spray the underside with stone chip, then underseal.

Finish the outside with body filler once the welds are ground flush with resin bonded discs, then prime and paint in the vehicles colour.

It may be long winded, but effective repairs last and are not noticeable.