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hello hijet people, looking for advice in relation to putting alloy wheels on my 1999 mpv, have read the forms and am confused as to what to look for /buy. Have read of people using 13" wheels and ford and minilite wheels, a few alloywheel services have offered various wheels with 110 pcd and 114 pcd stating they can be adapted, does anybody know of what wheels fit and does this adapting work safely Help


A couple of us did some research to source these. The only place we found was a firm called Tyresave.

Tyresave manufacture and sell the correct size wheels out of Liverpool. tyresave.co.uk 12" or 13" diameter rims. They are a KN Minotaur wheel, like on the old Minis. The PCD is 110. Nothing else will fit. They are made to order in silver, black, white or grey. Their phone number is on their website. Talk to a man called Duncan. They make, sell and ship them with or without tyres. Whichever you prefer.

Other than this, you will only find a set off of an old hi-jet as there is a manufacturers version floating about on some old hi-jets out there. They are very very rare. The only place you might get these is on ebay, maybe sometime in the next 1000 years.

So, if I were you, I'd save my money, and go to Tyresave. I did. So did Brendan and Cleethorpes Guy on this forum.


thanks very much

thanks very much onillymcknown, ive seen the pictures of your hijet and it looks very smart, looks like i,ll take your advice and save...., having the van painted like a 1962 vw whith a white roof and front, this may make a dent in my funds, however the wheels are a must to finish it off , will put up pictures during transformation, thanks again bones 851......

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Hi, So how much did they cost you to have made?

hijet alloys

HI, as a hijet owner looking to improve the looks and handling of my vehicle, i have noticed alot of issues with sourcing alloys for the hijet due to the odd pcd(unless you get them specifically made, of which I assume is expensive), as a cnc machinist I have been thinking about the possibility of making spacer's, with one set of c/s holes on original pcd to bolt to hub, then another set of threaded holes on an alternative pcd, therefore being able to give you the option to fit a wide variety of aftermarket rim's, also by adding extra length to the axle it would give the van a wider wheel base making it alot more stable, and also surely the extra space would make fitting larger size rim's easier as you wouldn't have to modify the internal arches, any thoughts on this would be appreciated

Wheel spacers

Your idea of making up a set of spacers sounds like a good one.
If you made the PCD something like 4 x 100 or 108 that would make it a lot easier & much cheaper to source alloys from ebay etc.
The only thing is you would probably have to extend the wheel arches to stay within the law.
If you made these, I'm sure you could sell them on here or via ebay.
I'd certainly be interested, as I can't justify the cost of a new set of wheels that would be worth considerably more than my van. Smile

hijet alloys

4x100 was actually the size i was thinking initially, it does seem quite a common size, but any pcd should work, probably be best to keep to 4 stud though as it may throw wheel out of balance. Did think that too about the wheel arches, i'm sure you could source them reletivatley easily, the other member on here with the red hijet and white stripe found some. With luck i'll be looking at making some over next few weeks, some investigating on original wheels and hubs first, as i'm trying to source the rear brake shoes anyway now's the perfect time, but will keep all posted.
The following link shows the pcd's for wheels for alot of cars, i found useful anyway - http://www.carlsalter.com/wheel_fitments.html
epsecially if you dont know the pcd, but know which car they came off of.