Copen. Yeah or Nay?


I am very intrigued by Daihatsu's latest offering, the Copen. It will be a bit of a change from my F50 but I am sorely tempted. Daihatsu at Cost sell them new for £12k, not sure how. Be interested to know people's views on the car and the dealer. I know they need an oil change every 3k but don't know much else about them.

The Copen

The Copen is aparently quite a nice small car. It did actually get a reasonably good review on BBC's Top Gear which is always a good sign. Not sure if you've driven any of the recent Daihatsu cars but the tend to follow the same trend. Very nippy cars, like to rev and rev some more, but feel like they have more powerful engines than they actually do.

One good thing to do is look on the Daihatsu site to see if theres a dealership near you so you can have a test drive. I personally wouldn't mind a Copen, but I am used to the whole being higher up than other ppl in my Sporty Smile

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Blimey, I've had bikes t

Blimey, I've had bikes that don't need oil dropped that often!


Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Had mine around a month. Wish I'd known about Daihatsu at cost.
Firstly I'll do the negatives:
terribly impractical, boot with roof down barely fits a lunch box
dated interior, whic is a bit flimsy
harsh ride
that's it
On the plus side it is utterly fantastic to drive, the roof is a real techno tour-de-force and it looks great. you can park it anywhere and its easy to drive, and a rewarding one too if you are an keen driver too. Luckily for me my wife has a huge company car so when i needed to get a new car i could get what I wanted. I wanted a roadster for ages but didn't like the thought of continually having to sort out a vandalised soft top.
The dealers are ok and it's true you do have to change the oil every 3000 miles (for me 3 times a year, but mine gets picked up and returned for free). ignore the finance deals on the website as you can haggle a much better deal.
Overall a great little car, but with some serious practicality issues. If its your only car and you have some social/domestic responsibilities think twice, otherwise don't think at all!!
p.s if anyone has one and has modified it let me know...


I had the pleasure of driving one a few weeks back. Didn't know what to expect as I had only driven one other sports car (smart roadster). I was pleasantly surprised. There was a decent amount of room inside, the comfiest seats I have sat in for a long time=. As has been said above the engine feels like it is a lot bigger than it is! The gearchange is good and the turbo whistle is addictive!

I only drove it with the roof down but the ride and handling was great, not too harsh but not too soft either.

For the size of the car the boot space is great with the roof up but miniscule with the roof down. But at least it has a boot (unlike a Toyota MR2). The inside is a bit cheap looking but when it drive so great you hardly notice Smile

I wanted one as soon as I drove it but unfortunately I needed something a bit more practical so have bought a YRV Turbo instead.


Excellent little car Smile