1.8A Current drain driving me nuts on F78 fourtrak!


Hi All,
My F78 fourtrak has a 1.8A current drain with the ignition off. I have pulled out ALL the fuses, disconnected every connector under the bonnet, pulled out all the relays by the glove box, pulled out both the relays by the fuse box, disconnected the alternator and the starter motor, yet it is still there. There are several cables coming off the battery, one to the starter, one that runs into the bunch of cables that go around the engine bay and into the passenger compartment, and another single small red cable that runs through the firewall. Removing the starter cabe has no effect but when I remove both of the other cables it goes. However when I reconnect EITEHR of the two other cables the drain is back, yet the resistance between the two cables is Mohms (i.e. they're not connected!).
Does anyone have any ideas? What else can I disconnect?
It's driving me NUTS!

Tick,tock, screech, light show

Alarm Clock, well the alarm and clock and check rear door light/switch, light on mine is under dickie seat and not noticable, gave me a problem till some one told me about it.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Current and nuts

Is the vehicle fitted with an alarm, if so these are notorious for current drain.

Is it leaking through the alternator as this happens when the brushes are worn.

thanks all. i don't have an

thanks all. i don't have an alarm, but i guess it could be a short in the clock. i'll have a look and let you know.

1.8A drain

Hi there,
I have had it on another car. It was the generator that sometimes was trying to be an el. Motor.
The Viking

The Viking