Parts for F50


Hi All! Been thinking for a year or so of buying an f50 to restore. Does anyone know what the part situation is like - any good sources? Are any of the parts shared with other Daihatsu models. Sorry if this sounds a bit thick but current 4x4 is a Ford Maverick (sorry!).

Parts and whole vehicles

Parts and whole vehicles which could be stripped come up on ebay on a fairly regular basis but I am not sure that there is a reliable source for all the parts you might need, most seem to be new old stock or spares that individuals have collected over the years and are now getting rid of once the rust had taken hold to badly. I have also seen parts for sale here and on, I now have a fairly good stock of spare body panels, axles and a gearboxes from these sources. You can also find some new parts from retailers in Australia, particulary for springs and other suspension components.
Also some parts are similar to those used in the Fourtrak so these could be used with some modification. For example I believe the gearbox is basically the same (although I think the handbrake mechanism is different) so this could probably be used and the front brake assemblies can be swapped. I have also seen the Fourtrak 2.8td fitted to one as I believe this bolts up to the existing bellhousing.


Many components were sourced from the corporate Toyota parts bin, many were from commercials and will be available.

Many components can be matched or made to fit, and there are a number of companies who will supply components to recondition items. I have an F20, basically the same, and have had very few problems with components.

May i suggest you trace the original parts numbers and cross reference them with the technical specifications, this means a Skoda oil filter fits mine, as well as two current Toyota models. Many component suppliers will provide technical specifications if you request them, and motor factors old catalogues are a good source of information as they list the cross reference part numbers for many manufacturers items.

Commercial parts?

Hi assassin,

"Many components were sourced from the corporate Toyota parts bin, many were from commercials and will be available."

Do you have some examples for commercials? Do you only mean parts like filters or also parts like outside mirrors, gauges, turn signal lights ...?

Of course I know you can make many parts fit, but they look different and haven't the original style.

Do you know manufacturer of F50 body panels?

Regards, Mark