YRV MOT and Annoying Dealerships.


Cant believe my top maintained YRV Turbo failed its MOT at local dealers Premier, "Incorrect side light colour" was the refusal!!!!
Only had it done cos they were doing the annual oil change for me, oil and filter supplied by me never goes down well though Smile
Ok i changed them for Xenon White LED's but that was 3 years back and its passed twice previously with them.
They are not the usual blue type that are seen on many a boy racers chariot.
They match the E approved road legal Philips Blue vision and Osram Cool Blue etc bulbs, so whats the problem???????
I think it might have helped had i had the main lights blue too instead of the ultra white Osram nightbreaker bulbs.
Although i had it MOT'd at a back street station last year it was the same Dealership and tester that passed it the year before that Scratch one-s head
I'm sure the packet said they were road legal.
Anyway they stuck in two crappy yellowy std bulbs and charged me a quid each for them, no charge for fitting them though or i would have lost it big style. At £55 for the MOT you would think a couple of bulbs free would make all the difference between good customer relations and bad. This same Dealers are also Proton and charged my Girlfriend £10 last month for a rear bulb for her 2007 Satria Neo thats even under warranty - its not covered they said!!
Rant over :mad:

Forgot to say they also advised both rear wheel bearings have play. Its only done 29,000 miles so another phone call to good old Daihatsu UK is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

Dealers are making no money

Dealers are making no money so the service department got to hit you for the extra Sad , not saying this is what happened but just an opinion. Normally its wiper blades Biggrin . Use people you can trust, I got tho's bulbs in both of mine and the turbo passed.

Got to M.O.T silver YRV this month let you know how it goes

YRV 1.3 premium pack silver 01

YRV TURBO Black 04

YRV 1.3 premium pack silver 01

YRV TURBO Black 04

Hi Dave, Sorry to hear

Hi Dave, Sorry to hear that, sounds to me that the standard of the testing has changed or you were unlucky to get a jobs worth who thought they saw the colour blue in the light Scratch one-s head As you know U.K law states that forward colour lighting has to be white and only white Wink Or someone will think you are a copper. Biggrin

What i tend to find is that certain dealerships have a certain arrangement with garages as to get repeat business, the same can be said with my Scooby and the dealership I use, as they have a deal with the local Kwikfit garage for M.O.T work.

Maybe worth a quick look at this site to see if anything has changed for lighting on vehicles:



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