wiring problems


hello guys and sorry to bother with so many questions but its very important to me, i have a daihatsu rocky 1987 2.8 non turbo and i am realy having problems with the wiring on the car every single inch of wire is bad,misplace even by changing the fuses and bulbs and relays does not work so my simple question is what can i do about it and where do i start.


You could try buying a w/s manual on CD which shows the wiring diagrams.

Problems. You have many as you post often

Purchase a CD , look at service manuals at the top of the page.
LuRcH will post almost anywhere, the purchase of these CD service manuals helps keep this site alive

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Begin at the beginning, and totally rewire the vehicle, this can be done in stages, or all at once.

Isolate one area of wiring loom and note the colours, and where the wiring goes, replace multiplugs with the newer and more expensive waterproof type. Install the new wiring next to the old, and replace each wire singly.

As a section is replaced with wire of the same colour, test each component to ensure it is working correctly. Do not forget the many single earth wires located around the vehicle, as these often pose specific problems.

Crimp each wire, then solder it to ensure good connections, and when a section of loom is complete, cover it with harness tape, or better still, self amalgamating tape as this is waterproof.