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I have a 2004 Auto YRV Turbo that's done 50,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago my transmission failed (on fast lane of M1!) Anyway, I could drive it using the steer shift in 1st and 2nd but it wouldn't change to 3rd. At the garage they couldn't figure out the problem and called me to see if my car could be taken to a gear box specialist. I agreed as I needed it sorted. Two weeks later I find out the transmission drum has sheered off and the part is impossible to get "apparently." They want to weld it and charge me between £1300-£1500!I was told the break in the drum is where the manufacturers had welded it anyway so it's no big deal. I asked them to give me the part number and they were reluctant to do so but finally gave it to me after pleading with them. The Part No. is 3570897203000. Can anyone tell me anything about YRV transmissions and if I'm being taken for a ride? I'm nervous that my car is with people I don't know and frankly don't trust. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

YRVTurbo transmission

sorry to hear about your problem, it is probably the one nightmare YRV turbo owners fear. Sad

I would want to talk to Daihatsu's technical division about this problem to see if it has come up before.

But for that amount of money, I would want a new transmission, not a repaired one!

A second hand auto box from a YRV or Sirion F-Speed thats been scrapped must be a cheaper option.

YRV Turbo transmission

Thank you for that. I will call Daihatsu as you suggest and hopefully get some joy there. I joined this site last night and I'm so glad I did as having these comments has reassured me that there are more options. Thanks again.

The part number

The part number 35708-97203-000 you gave is for the PLANETARY INTERMEDIATE GEAR.
Member YRV130 ( Graham knows his stuff Wink ) is right, this can be found in auto gearboxes of not just the YRV but other 1.3's like the Sirion M101/M110/M111, Terios J100/J102/J122 and even the Extol Van S221.
That part alone at the dealership should be no more or even less than a second hand gearbox. Have you asked the local Daihatsu dealership what their price would be?
Is the price you've been given include fitting?? At that price i would want it at least fully reconditioning back to almost new and not just a new gear.
Posted a pic in the Image Gallery under cars to give you an idea what it looks like.
Sounds to me like the garage is out of their depth and getting someone else to do the job and still making the same profit by doubling the cost!!

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YRV Part

Hi there,

The garage I took my car to originally are the problem. After they serviced my car and then had it shipped off to the gearbox specialist they quoted me £237 just for the service. They said I could pay them when my car comes back from the gearbox place. Now they've upped the cost to £365 for no reason, so curently I'm having to deal with that. I am dealing directly with the gearbox place now as far as my transmission goes as I agree with you that the original garage is looking to make a profit off me.

The price of £1300+ does include the fitting. I will insist on the full reconditioning for that price as you suggest as that seems reasonable considering. Thanks for your suggestions and help as I have been extremely anxious. I know it's cliched and maybe a bit of an outdated concept but I feel they've taken advantage of the fact I'm a woman. I am determined to learn more about engines and epecially my Daihatsu so in the future I'm more prepared and knowledgeable!

I will check the dealerships further afield for the part as the local one's don't have it. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

auto gearbox

hi, there is a f speed auto box on ebay and if it fits its only £225 + del £69. thats what i would do if it fits that is, it only got 39k miles on it. make sure it will fit tho cheers stu.

(ebay f speed gearbox click here)

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This is great. I am awaiting a call back from the ebay user regarding the compatiablility. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the link. It's much appreciated.